'The Great Kiss Heist' by Big Idea Films

The film was shot on RED epic. Directed by Kevin Glynn with DOP Kamil Krawczak, assisted by Piotr Lyszkiewicz and Tony Walsh on sound. It was shot during normal school hours over four days. We filmed for a maximum of two hours each day, as the attention span of 5 and 6 year old children is not very long. The teacher was played by Sorcha Molloy who really is their actual teacher. Martin Spain was a fantastic James and Hugh McLoughlin played the boy with the net. This film was possible only because of the support of the principal Ger Fahy and the parents. All the while I was shooting I had those immortal words ringing in my ears. "Never work with children or animals." - I have to say it was a pleasure working with the children and with "Bubbles" the Goldfish.

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